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Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary major traversing the two departments of Mathematical and Computing Science and Computer Science. Artificial intelligence can be used in a wide range of real-world applications.

Machine Learning To Drive Intelligent Optimisation

Connexun is an innovative tech startup based in Milano (San Felice), Italy. It was founded to ease cultural integration, reduce information barriers and foster internationalization.
Today Connexun is an AI news engine with long lasting experience and know-how, promoting news API and proprietary technologies of use to developers, startups, businesses and eventually also consumers. It enables its clients to source in real time multilingual headlines, articles and dynamic summaries extracted from thousands of trusted online news outlets. It serves its clients with proprietary text crawling and classifying technologies.
Connexun Story
Connexun also developed B.I.R.B.AL., its artificial intelligent engine used to power its mobile app, to deliver real time news and information to digital cosmopolitans. We continue to augment intelligent tools that leverage the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to analyze large datasets of aggregated content. For more information please write us at info@connexun.com.

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Automation Is Like Magic, Here Is
How It Works

Data Scraping
The contents are constantly acquired through our "Crawler" from reliable sources.
Data Records
All structured data acquired is stored on our secure and protected servers and databases.
AI Algorithm
Our technology is based on machine learning and deep learning and includes classification, interlanguage clustering, semantic analysis, news topics ranking, extraction-based summarization.
Outage Prediction
Through probabilistic models and semantic analysis we are able to discover relevant international contents and formulate predictions.

We Provide Machine Learning API To Help Data Scientists Build Innovative Applications

Connexun is the only player giving you the possibility to test first-hand for free its technology. Use Connexun’s news app, its intersection news tool, relation index statistics or minority reports tool to gain valuable data provided by its offering. Customize the output by selecting distinct locations / countries of interest. Enjoy!
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Our Unique Story

  1. B.I.R.B.AL. Connexun brand character
    Birth of B.I.R.B.AL.

    B.I.R.B.AL. stands for “Brilliant Information Research Big data ALgorithm”. Its name comes from Raja Birbal, advisor and main commander of the Mughal emperor, renown for its wisdom and cleverness.

  2. Indit360 - The first portal with news of interest for the Indian and Italian community.
    Indit360 Prototype

    Technological platform (based on the analysis of "Big Data") retrieving and categorizing news of interest to the Italian and Indian communities.

  3. Università Milano-Bicocca
    Connexun Prototype

    Connexun develops, together with the faculty of computer science of Bicocca University, the first prototype of its mobile application.

  4. Expo Milano 2015 | Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life!
    Mobile app & EXPO 2015

    Connexun developed its first mobile app for consumers to test its technology. Becomes partner of EXPO2015.

  5. B.I.R.B.AL. Artificial Intelligence Engine
    Evolution of B.I.R.B.AL.

    A.I. engine was revamped (best-in-class website data scraper of all website scrapers on the market; top performing classifier & more).

  6. APIs Development
    News & Data API

    Connexun’s News & Data API are on the market for developers, startups and enterprises to use. New clients ask Connexun to scrape the web by employing its advanced website scraper for different solutions.