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B.I.R.B.AL.Intelligence behind APIs

B.I.R.B.AL., our proprietary artificial intelligence engine, has been trained by using a database with over a million articles in different languages, applying state of the art models of Natural Language Processing (NLP). B.I.R.B.AL.’s technology includes machine learning classification, interlanguage clustering, news topics ranking, extraction-based summarization and other features to help filter news for different types of users and for different types of applications. B.I.R.B.AL. uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms powered by Deep Learning.
  • Aggregates News

    B.I.R.B.AL. is trained to automatically crawl and aggregate news from open web sources with a set of skills to understand contents and define the relevant articles to the final recipient.

  • Classifies & Summarizes

    B.I.R.B.AL. has a multiclass and multilingual classifier. It generates extractive short summaries of news in various languages.

  • AI as a Service

    B.I.R.B.AL. is much more than a simple news filtering tool. Power your next innovation with high-quality datasets, prebuilt NLP and machine learning models.

Industries and Applications

Real-Time News Tracking
Webpage crawler scraping news content published by over 20.000 highly trusted sources. being first to pick up on emerging stories has never been more important, ensure a real-time view into your online media coverage.
AI-Driven Media Intelligence
Go beyond online content monitoring using our artificial intelligence and predict the most relevant topics on the web. Gain strategic insights by collecting and studying extended amounts of data and information.
Natural Language Processing
Find patterns and relationships among disparate data from different online sources. Natural Language Processing, also known as "NLP", is the application of computational techniques to the analysis and synthesis of natural language.
Financial Analysis
Broaden your financial analysis with rich web data sets. Understand performance trends with a new instrument and apply structured web data to your predictive analytics and risk modeling. Test your financial hypotheses and make data-driven investment decisions.
Market Research
Find market opportunities with structured web data by keeping track of relevant content published online. Look beyond internal data sources and explore alternative data that modern technology makes available.
AI & Machine Learning
Power your next innovation with machine learning datasets. Leverage high-quality datasets to train your artificial intelligence, NLP and machine learning models and develop your product or service.
Media & Web Monitoring
Get comprehensive and up-to-date online content of your product, brand or firm so you’ll never miss relevant news. Gain comprehensive coverage and stay on top of all news stories and important web mentions.
Reputation Detection
Keep track of news regarding your company or content online concerning your competitors. Make use of our sentiment analysis to monitor the online positioning of your firm.

API Endpoints Showcase

Find below some examples of news api call. Whether you’re monitoring industry trends, mentions on media outlets, seeking added value in your investment strategy, assessing risk associated with a particuar company or individual, our processed data will be useful. For customized solutions reach us out at